Into the Darkness: An Ethnographic Study of Witchcraft and Death.

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Lozano, Wendy G.1Foltz, Tanice G.
Qualitative Sociology; Fall90, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p211, 24p

This paper explores the religion of radical feminist witches and how it provides both the dying and the living with a meaningful framework for interpreting death. Analytical description is used to focus on significant elements of the Dianic tradition of Wicca or Witchcraft, which interprets death as an integral part of the life cycle. An analysis of a Wiccan funeral demonstrates how the religion gives meaning to life and death, links individuals to the community, helps to reestablish group solidarity, and provides a shared subjective reality for those who acknowledge only a divine female principle called “The Goddess.” The data for this paper were collected through participant observation in the coven’s rituals and selected social events over a period of one year. In-depth interviews were conducted with all coven members as well.


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